Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

Thx a lot, works fantastic! Respect!!

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Hi Gelo!
When I download the 800x480 folder from post 714 I noticed that images for Gelo_Old2 Braun is missing. Meters.txt is ok.
Best Regards/ Claes
Have a nice weekend!

Probably my mistake. I’ll improve when I’m home. (Monday)

Hi ,
Has anyone installed the new Spotify plugin ?
I have installed but I observed that is not working peppy . The meters are not started . I have edited the 2 files …

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I reported today that peppy_meter works fine with the new plugin.

  • Deactivated peppy_meter
  • Removed old Spotify plugin
  • Removed old Spotify Connect plugin
  • Rebooted rPi
  • Installed and configured new Spotify plugin
  • Rebooted rPi
  • Activated peppy_meter

Works like a charm:

Hi, I make it working, but have 2 problems: doesn’t support Spotify and Airplay, and can not add albumart, would you mind to help ? thanks.

For someone would like to try it in advance, please note that [peppyalsa] section in “asound.conf” needs to be modified to add spectrum lines:

pcm_scope.peppyalsa {
type peppyalsa
decay_ms 400
meter “/tmp/myfifo”
meter_max 100
meter_show 1
spectrum “/tmp/myfifosa”
spectrum_max 100
spectrum_size 30

And, please ensure “myfifosa” is created in /tmp/.
Also, please edit the (path) in “config.txt” of PeppySpectrum:
[current] = /tmp/myfifosa


help woth the same issue please (798.2 KB)

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Good to know that in general it works with Volumio.
Some code changes in the current screensaver should be done to make it working together with PeppyMeter. I’m not familiar with that Volumio screensaver code.

You can increase/decrease the number of the frequency bands by editing the property ‘spectrum_size’ in the asound.conf. The same value should be also defined in the property ‘size’ in the file config.txt of the PeppySpectrum.

PeppySpectrum consumes additional 30-40% of the CPU in Pi 4.

Thank You! :upside_down_face: :+1:

thank you!

Thank YOU !!

What enclosure is this?

Maybe describe the problem first


Hi peppy.player,

Thank you for the instructions, I have fine-tuned the bands.

May I know it is possible to remove the top window bar, or change its color (now is light blue) ?


A little instruction wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:
modify the config.txt from False to True


Well received, many thanks !

Hi Gelo!
I think the Dorrough skin for 800x480 doesn´t look as it should or maybe I´m wrong?

This is what it looks like. If you don’t like it - remove it.

Besides, it is extra, it is not in the published skins


Ok! I understand! Thank You very much!

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