Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

First of all hello to all members on the forum!
I’ve looked this topic many times and many hours to “learn” some of the amazing work from @2aCD also this lead me to another fantastic work from @balbuze (PeppyMeter Plugin). So with this two i tried to put them together and take advantages from the both.
Till know my work is on progress and resuming i have the @balbuze plugin working with @2aCD 1920 screensaver and that’s pretty cool… :slight_smile:
But now i was thinking have some more… I have problems since day one displaying AlbumArt/TrackInfo on @2aCD work with Volumio playing WebRadios or any Source (Info/Art don’t work) except Local.
So i begin search and this lead me to Volumio API and some work already done like the PirateAudio plugin by AxLED that can display AlbumArt using the Volumio API but right now i not having any luck…
This idea and this way will save us from beeing “Intrusive” on volumio installation creating and editing some files like statemachine that will prevent upgrades.

Sorry for beeing too long on the first comment!
Will be really kind to give any idea or information so i can try to make your work and balbuze using Volumio API and the getState/pushState commands.

Best Regards,
Duarte O.

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Hi @KMF Ok, with the latest version, the TitleInfo is show, despite that the albumart is missing. I have change that.
But at first the DigitalFont is missing. The path to this TrueTypeFont is hardcoded in the to:


Do you have copy also the font folder from the latest to /home/volumio/PeppyMeter/?

And for the missing AlbumArt I see in your playinfo the line:

Albumart = /data/albumart/folder/mnt/USB/128G/Celine Dion - All the Way…A Decade of Song/extralarge.jpeg

Can you check if this extralarge.jpeg exist on this place?

Hi @duartello
That sounds very interesting.
If there is a better way to get the album art, I’ll be very grateful.
I’ll look to this plugin by AxLED how it works. What have you already done to try? You can send me a personal message to talk to each other. :wink:

Hi @2aCD you are right, the fonts folder is missing, now the DigitalFont is working, thank you!

After checking the albumart folder, the folder tree stops on /data/albumart/folder, nothing more in futher, please see the winscp screenshot, and I read the thread 8 you mentioned:
add a new daemon to read the active albumart and play info to draw it, is it related with this problem ? I am not quite sure, or would you mind to guide me how to add a new daemon to read the active albumart, thank you very much!Noname

I suspected that. The daemon for albumart is running correct, otherwise no title info is showing up. The problem is, your albumart cache is empty.
For a test you can create the missing directory and copy a albumart picture manually as extralarge.jpeg on this place. If then the albumart showing up for this album, then all is ok.
What is the name of your pictures, that you use for albumart, and have you enabled the search of albumarts in web?

Hi 2aCD,
The albumart from local drive is working now, thank you!

Is it possible to show albumart from Web Radio / Spotify / Tidal ? I checked the playinfo when I play the straming music (ex. Linn Jazz):

Title = “Linn Jazz”
Album = undefined
Artist = “”
Albumart = /data/albumart/folder/mntined/extralarge.jpeg

The problem is the same as previous, no folder (name) /mntined/, the folder tree stops on /data/albumart/folder/.
Have been also tried Spotify and Tidal, the same result.

Thank you with best regards,

I’m glad to here this. I’m working at time on a better way to get the albumart also for online services. But spend me a little time for this. :wink:


Pretty soon i guess we’ll have great news from this amazing work!
And also some integration for new implementations with Volumio Buster and the new buster plugins.

Looking forward! :slight_smile:

Hello ,

I want to buy and LCD display , 15.6 or 13.3. What resolution do you recommend to have or it does not matter ?

@lintbf the size is normaly a personal choice for what are your using it and the resolutions is most of the
times how higher the resolution the better, but this is not always so…

Hi @Lintbf
For 15” I would preferred a full hd (1920)
With 13” and full hd I think you need a little scale factor, I would say 1280x800 is a minimum for this size, better is full hd. :wink:

Now I’m ready with the new event triggerded show of albumart and title infos.
No more injection of statemachine.js is needed to write this info.

this is only a preview version of files to test with online services and webradio.
(Tidal …)

to use the files its needed to install the websocket_client for python
Please install it for both users (volumio and root) to have the possibility to start the python script also with sudo

python3 -m pip install socketIO-client
sudo python3 -m pip install socketIO-client

for a check of correct installation start python3 and run the follow import:

>>> from socketIO_client import SocketIO
>>> quit()

If this running without error, all is ok.

Download test files (6.5 KB)

replace the files in

If the albumart now working with Tidal and Qobuz, I can update the installation. :wink:

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Hi 2aCD,
After replacing the 2 new .py files, the webradio albumart doesn’t show up, neither the local drive albumart, all gone.

Just for your info, I checked the playinfo, the albumart path is correct, and the .jpeg is exactly in the right folder.


Hi @KMF Thanks for testing. Do you have install successfully the socketIO for python3 also without sudo before?

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My beta project of this amazing work it’s almost finished.
I’ve been working on making @2aCD work integrated with the @balbuze PeppyMeter plugin also without any changes on the Volumio installation or GUI files as this is recommended for new Volumio updates.

Already have all done just need to recheck the installation steps and if i miss any of the changes on the Volumio GUI.
Soon if @balbuze interested we should have both of works in one plugin.

Best regards


That’s great news, I remember that when I started to install peppy meter in volumio it took me 2 3 weeks :)). I am glad that in the end it will come as plugin also the work or 2acd and balbuze plugin.
This will be a huge improvement for volumio.
I already plan to buy a 15 inch screen just for this and a lot of user will be happy.

You can buy a 50 inch :rofl:
As i already say early i’ll not take credits on @2aCD or @balbuze work so will depends if my changes meet the requirements for the @balbuze PeppyMeter plugin and also if @2aCD wants his work merged to that plugin :wink:
If that doesn’t work i can try to post a step-step guide for all. Also that with permission from them.

Best Regards

Hi @2aCD,
I was using python3.4, it works well for no-web-albumart, and when I was trying to install socketIO-client, then error message popup:

importerror no module named ‘typing’

So I upgrade python3.4 to python3.6, the socketIO-client can be installed without error, however, the pygame is missing, I did remove and re-install pygame, but no success:

Python 3.6.2 (default, May 28 2021, 23:08:24)
[GCC 6.3.0 20170516] on linux
Type “help”, “copyright”, “credits” or “license” for more information.

import pygame
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pygame’

then I stocked here.

Thank you,

Hi 2aCD,
May I know it is possible to reduce 60sec screen saver timeout (switch to peppymeter) ? say 30sec or can be user defined ? thank you.


with the PeppyMeter installation the python3 version should be updated to 3.7.3.

sudo apt-get install python3-pip
sudo apt-get install python3-pygame

With this version also the socketIO installation is running successfully.

python3 -m pip install socketIO-client
sudo python3 -m pip install socketIO-client

The crontab has only a resolution of 1 minute. Unfortunately 30 seconds is not possible.