Problems with Beaglebone and I2S

Anybody successfully used Volumio on BBB via I2S interface?

I have Volumio/BBB/ES9023 DAC set up and getting music however there is distortion with one channel, verified its not cabling, amp etc… Using a ES9023 DAC and routing pins 28, 29, 31 plus earth to the DAC board from P9 on the BBB. Within the GUI I have selected “Black” as the output in the Playback screen (actually its the only thing that is selectable, no other DAC attached), thats pretty much all I did in the SW.

I know that I2S works into the DAC board as I get excellent results using a RaspberryPi and I2S (not Volumio in this case).

Any suggestions appreciated and any indication that I2S has been successfully used of the BBB. Do I maybe need to use a different kernel?


Yes, I’m recompiling a BBB kernel with explicit i2s support…