Problem with volumio simple equalizer plugin

I have PI3 B+ and HiFiBerry DAC Plus with two RCA connectors only, Volumio ver.2,673. I installed volumio simple equalizer plugin from audio interface plugin menu. Then in audio output menu equalizer plugin changed the output device from HiFi Berry DAC Plus on audio jack through equalizer plugin and I2S DAC is switched off. I switched on I2S DAC and chose HIFIBerry DAC Plus. After this changes saving the sound is coming via RCA again but equalizer is not working. Thank you if you can help me.

disable the eq plugin and set your dac and volume mixer. test it. Reboot.
Once rebooted, enabled the plugin but don’t try to change what happens in playback config.
let me know

I seem to be having the same problem:

  • Starting out with the equalizer disabled, audio is working fine - using the Justboom Amp.
  • When I enable the equalizer plugin the audio stops. The output device still indicates the Justboom Amp, but the I2S DAC is turned off.
  • When I re-enable the I2S DAC, I have to reselect the Justboom Amp and then reboot
  • After reboot with the equalizer enabled the I2S DAC is ON
  • If I try to play a streaming source (all I have enabled currently), I get the error "Failed to open Alsa device HW:2,0
  • If I make any change to the equalizer settings, the I2S DAC setting goes to OFF

Hopefully this will help identify the problem. I am using system version 2.806.