Problem with some web radios - v1.55

In the file Inter.m3u, I have : … tdebit.mp3

I listen this web radio without any issue on a raspberry Pi B with a usb audio card and Volumio Beta 1.2

But on a raspbeery pi B+ with HiFiBerry DAC+ and volumio 1.55, it usually plays the radio for few seconds and stops.
I have tried a lower quality of this radio, but same problem. I can just listen a bit longer. Same issue with other radios.
What is strange is that I can listen this radio without interuptions (by the way, it is a great radio)

My wife is a bit sarcastic about my geek stuf… I will be more than happy if someone could help me :slight_smile:
Let me know if I should provide more information or read something I should have read

For France Inter I use that : … tdebit.mp3 with no problem. I don’t know where your problem comes from but try this url. :wink:

I had same problems with all radios (Culture, Inter, Info, Musiques) from Radio France, but on Volumio 1.51.
I solved this issue by upgrading mpd.
You can check the version of mpd in use by typing the following command in shell:

Seems to me that version 1.9 of mpd is partially bugged.

here is a tutorial if you want to upgrade mpd:

The URL for France Inter works for me today.
Proof in /var/log/mpd/mpd.log

The Url provided by balbuze works too.

You can find another URL by browsing with Firefox to France Inter’s site, activating the player they provide:, and typing CTRL.U that will display the HTML source in a separate window.
Within the source, when looking for player or mp3 you will find:
which provides you FranceInter, 128kbit/s, stereo.
If you try to gain a DNS resolution to translate into , you may alternatively use:
It seems that the two URLs are very close, but apparently point onto 2 different servers, or at least onto 2 different IP adresses.
I put the URL within a .pls file, and writes it in directory: /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO

-The symptom described: “hearing a few seconds, then nothing” is definitely related to mpd problem in release 1.9.

-When I had problems with pmd, I also had error message in /var/log/mpd.log, here with FranceInfo:

And the need to update mpd has already been spotted by jamh

Thanks guys.

mpd version 0.19.1


I will try to upgrade mpd.


I run MPD 0.19.1 and have the same problem with all radios from “france radio”

Do you know which version I have to install ?



As answered in the HELP section, use another URL for the Radio France radios: … tdebit.mp3