Problem with Piano Dac on Volumio or problem with Dac Piano

Hello, I have the Dac Piano and Kali reclocker Allo (I bought more than a month ago but have been long in the Spanish custom, would have purchased here, no doubt). I connected Kali and dac piano Rapsberry Pi I selected volumio version 2 I2s and dac piano, but the music played by the dac, but the hdmi output (even when not estana selected hdmi as audio output. ¿ any idea what could happen? I am afraid that the problem is with the dac piano, I do not work without Kali connected or not connected to Sparky pcb. thanks for the help.

Use the RaspyPlayv3 option on i2s DACs and you’ll see that it works…
Sorry for the confusion, but the entries were added by mistake…

let me know!

thank you very much, it works !!!

Molt bè!