Problem with Internal Storage Albums

I have a problem that’s driving me crazy and I can’t solve it.
I’m running Volumio with version 2729 in RasPI3 and I have my albums stored on the 64gb SD card. I access the folder via samba in MAC and my files are all FLAC. I always shut down Volumio on the menu.

The problem:

Every time I start Volumio, on the Albums page I don’t get all the albums I have inside the sd card. On top of that, it shows me albums that I have already deleted.
Every time I start I have to update or rescan in setting but only solve part of the problem, some albums still don’t show up.
I also don’t understand why some albums don’t appear in alphabetical order and the songs don’t show in numerical order, and I’m sure the TAG ID is correct.

If anyone can help me. Thanks in advance.

Maybe you’ve got a dodgy file or something that is stopping the scan and database creation?

And how can I see that?