Problem with Hi-Res files

My system (Pi latest version plus IQaudio DAC running Volumio with a Seagate Expansion USB drive with the music files on it) is working fine for normal CD ripped files but tonight I downloaded my first HI-Res file from Qobuz. I converted the WMA file to FLAC and then tried to play it but got the following error message on Volumio :

Failed to decode USB/Seagate
Expansion drive/$RECYCLE.BIN
Numbers / filename

Any idea what is causing the problem and how to fix it?



Haven’t seen that error but seems like it’s trying to access deleted files in the Windows system folder “Recycle.bin”. Connect the drive to a Windows PC and check if you can empty the recycle bin. If there’s still errors I’d empty the drive, reformat it and copy the content back to the drive.

Indeed, it finds files in the recycle bin folder on the drive. You can either attach the drive to a windows pc and empty the recycle bin, or just delete the $RECYCLE.BIN directory via smb or ssh.

Thanks for the response. I have just taken to putting my Hi-Res files on a USB stick and this seems to work fine.