Problem in adding custom DAC in Volumio

During the weekend I managed to compile the driver for the TFA9879 (part of the bassfly-uhat).

Selecting the dt-overlay I can see the DAC in alsa and I can play sound with speaker-test


I followed those instructions to add compatibility to Volumio

I can select the added DAC in the playback options, the config.txt file is modified correctly after the selection


Volume control with HW Mixer woks fine (I can see the updated value from alsamixer if I change volume from Volumio)

Unfortunately I can’t hear any audio coming out from the speaker if I start the playback, I also don’t get any error

What can I do for checking what’s happening? It looks like the output is not selected correctly

Have you tried to resample?

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Not yet, I will. Thanks for the hint

You were right, activating the resampler made it working

Next step is to make it stereo, I need to learn how to modify the .dts

I would suggest at this point that in the alsa driver you state that only 24 bits is supported in this DAC, this way it would not need resampling enabled (alsa will take care of it)

Yes, the IC is capable of handling 24bits, I need to have a look to the driver source code and patch it for handling 24bits

If you point me at the sources of the driver that you’re starting with I can give you an hint :wink:

Sure, here the driver I’m using

This is the datasheet, of the amplifier, it supports I2S format with up to 24bit data

I see progress Dario! Well done!

Yes, very happy about the progress!

I’m becoming more and more familiar with the process, soon I’ll try to build driver for TAS5825M too!

I am waiting for that :wink: