Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra - unable to play 192khz files with Audiophilleo

I’ve noticed that if I try to play 192khz files using the Stream Box (which runs a version Volumio) via USB to my Audiophilleo2, all I get is noise. I know that my very old Windows-based streamer required an additional driver in order to play 192khz files via the Audiophilleo. But my recollection of using an RPi running Volumio was that it was fully compatible with the Audiophilleo without need for any additional drivers etc, so it’s odd that this does not seem to be the case for the Stream Box. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Are you sure you used the same 192K material?
If the Audiophileo is not able to support 192 without external drivers, my assumption is that you shall better enable resampling for example to 96K.
I know its not the perfect solution, but that shall do the trick