Primephonic [solved]

Just installed Volumio on my pi today, and have one question that I couldn’t find an answer to. I have a Primephonic account (streaming service for classical music for those unfamilliar), is there any way I can get Volumio to use it?
I have no real wish to root my phone and use BubbleUPnP to cast it, so is anyone working on a plugin or have a tip for this newbie?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: I figured it out. It works perfectly once I signed up for myvolumio using Bluetooth.


PS: We are looking to integrate primephonic in the future (but they’ve not replied to our emails…)

Sounds great, I’ll let them know there are interested customers.

Oh, and thanks for this very nice service/piece of software.

I got a reply from customer service at Primephonic. They basically said (in a very friendly and nice way) that they need to work on more functionality before they let others use their API. She thought this would be in late 2021 and that they are starting with, I quote “Bluesound, Roon and hopefully Volumio too”

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Any news here?
Loooooove my new friend Volumio & Pi (3B+) but I have no idea how to play my beloved Primephonic…