Powering 2 speakers and a woofer with an amp

Hello Guys,

I’ve been searching on this forum for quite a while but I cannot seem to find an answer on my question.
Hopefully one of you is able to help me out.

I’m currently running a PI 3 with an Hifiberry DAC+ and some chinese amplifier that outputs 2.1 sound, the thing is that one the two channels the low is being filtered out which gives an really annoying sound.

Currently I’m looking to replace that amp with a decent one but would like to use all 3 speakers, a crossover for the woofer won’t be an issue I still have one of those.

  1. Is it possible to use two Hifiberry AMPs on the one raspberry?
  2. Is there perhaps a 4 channel amp that is compatible with the raspberry?
  3. If above isn’t possible would it be possible to split the RCA signal from the DAC (2 to 4 cables) and connect it to 2 amps?

Thanks for your time.

Look at the Kali Piano 2.1 that has 2 sets of RCA outputs (so 4 in total) and is able to output a low pass filtered sub out on one of these outputs to feed a (active?) sub.

Maybe easiest/simplest/affordable options is to look for a nice (2nd hand?) simple amplifier to use between the Pi+DAC and your speakers :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply Patrick!
I’m wondering if the Kali Piano 2.1 with the Hifiberry amp would be an option and then use a simple mono amp from the subwoofer output of the Kali to the woofer.
The thing is, can I then control the volume through volumio? Having two different volume nobs would be a hassle :slight_smile:

Another option I found is: store3.sure-electronics.com/4-x- … ard-sta508
Can’t find any board that has less than 100watt, don’t really need so much power.
The thing is that I have no clue what the warmth this board is going to give.