Powerbutton Optional on the website by plugin touch display

Hi, I run an RPi3 with DAC and 7" touch display directly on the Denon AVR.
I don’t always want to use my Volumio with my mobile phone or tablet, so I asked for a power button on the web interface of the 7" touch display.
Is it possible to bring a power button into the web interface via the touch plugin, so that one cannot switch off via GPIO Volumio or must go via the SETUP menu? The idea is to move / copy the shutdown function from the setup into the web interface as a button.
Or even create your own plugin for a power button in the web interface (Shutdown Button WEB).
I hope I was able to express myself in an understandable way.

I rewrote my description a little bit.

+1 for power button on main screen

a power button for the official touchscreen seems a nice solution and handy.
also a +1

This would be great, it is tedious to always go through the settings menu

a switch off button is only possible… no power on…
they should not call it a power button…

Everybody should know that it is not possible to switch on the device.
An off switch on the 7"display and web interface would be a great solution.