Power supply issue: need four outputs!!

Hey fellows,

I have no background in electronics but I'm really interesting in DIYing raspberry  DAC with integrated amplifier. I followed the reference [url]http://www.raspyfi.com/building-my-reference-dac/[/url] and ran into some problems.

I want to build an DAC with integrated amplifier. however, it is difficult to find a proper power supply that would supply all my components altogether.
I have a 24V 1A small tube amp and i need a power supply that could feed my amp as well as three other 5V 1A outputs (xmos microcontroller, raspberry pi and the DAC).

I’ve been looking for such power supply but ended up finding ones that were either too expensive or too big. My question is, is it possible to have multiple power supply sharing one cable to wall power socket? If this is not applicable, can I just buy a high voltage/watts power supply then split the power into my amp and other components separately? If so, what sort of module am I looking for?

Sorry for asking these stupid questions as my knowledge to electronics were very limited. I’ve read the other post regarding the similar issue but the project in that post only requires two power output. I would also like to ask whether adding step-up/down module produces jitter or unstability In the system as it is ard to find power supply modules with 24V and 5V outputs.

Thank you!!

You can use your psu and add something like : ebay.com/itm/DC-DC-Adjustabl … 1204419087 (I baught it few days ago, still not test…) to feed the dac /rpi with 5v

Hey, thanks for replying. I was checking similar stuff but a bit confused of how does it work?
Does it work like this?
PSU (24V) → step down model→raspberry/xmos USB to I2S converter/DAC
↳ amplifier

So I don’t need a power supply with seperate output? Does that mean I can just buy a PSU and connect to all four throuh booster if needed?
Apoplogies I am really new to this. :confused:

In fact you set your psu to feed your amp with the required voltage (15V or whatever you need) and the output also feed the DCDC regulator. The one I gave support a range from 3,5 to 18V and a ajustable output from 4-24v. With that you will power your rpi /dac Xmos. Purist would says that is not optimum, but I can say that it is a cheap solution with good results.
edit : this one support higher input level, stronger current but is more expensive… ebay.com/itm/360807858303

Cheers! Thanks for the big help!!