Power (on/off) button + IQaudiO Pi-DigiAMP+

Hi all,

Firstly my apologies if this topic has been discussed before.

I have a Raspberry Pi3 with an IQaudiO Pi-DigiAMP+ linked to a set of Mission book shelf speakers. This setup is brilliant and I am loving Volumio.

My question is can I add a power (on/off) button that I can connect to the GPIO pins on the Pi-DigiAMP+ (web link below page 42) and setup through the “GPIO buttons” plugin that is available?


Also can I add a rotary encoder and configure it through the same plugin?

I am looking to use the item in the following link to achieve both functions; iqaudio.co.uk/accessories/34-rot … &results=3


Yes on/off has been discussed here.
Key thing is to check whether your DAC does use GPIO3 (pin5) or not: easier if it does not, but there are options in case it does.

GPIO-Buttons plugin does not support rotary buttons at this time, but search the forum on rotary, you may find links with some other plugin.