Power ON/OFF button - AudioPhonics - How to install a plugin?

I had a very good Volumio version 2 running on an Audiophonics box

Recently I have touched the upgrade button to Volumio version 3. Since that moment, the power on/off button is not working anymore.

It seems that there is a plugin available on this website

This is in fact a zip file for version 2.

My questions :

  • Will this also work on the Volumio Version 3 ?
  • Is this also compatible with my Hifiberry card ?
  • MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: Can somebody explain me (for dummies procedure) on how to install this zip file after downloading the file to my PC ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.
With kind regards,


seems more people requested this. As I don;t have the hardware its dangerous to tell you what to do.
You can try to reach out to the author

Or if you want to take a walk on the wild side, I’ll take no ownership or support if it goes wrong or even fail your current installation.

sudo apt -y install build-essential
cd ~
wget https://github.com/Saiyato/volumio-audiophonicsonoff-plugin/raw/master/volumio-audiophonicsonoff-plugin.zip
mkdir ./onoff
miniunzip volumio-audiophonicsonoff-plugin.zip -d ./onoff
cd onoff
npm update  (it might be possible that this is not even needed)
npm install --save onoff@6.0.0
volumio plugin install
cd ..
rm onoff
rm volumio-audiophonicsonoff-plugin.zip

and see what happens.

I have the same device and I asked audiophonics for this plugin. For the moment, the plugin is not working, but they proposed to edit some configuration files so you can invoke directly a dtoverlay and have 90% of the functionality of the power manager without using a plugin or installing anything. Just add these two lines in /boot/userconfig.txt:

and the power manager should be functional on the next reboot. This method works on almost any system running on Raspberry Pi (but does not react to reboot / poweroff initiated from another source than the on/off button).


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Just FYI: There is a PR on GitHub for a Volumio 3 version. I have no idea if it works though.

Many thanks Christianrablay,

My power button is working again. :slight_smile:

Thanks Christian, now it’s perfect for me. The button work.

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I’m very happy. Since the version 3.378, Saiyato have made the plugin in Volumio directly.
It works perfectly.