Power crash and how to restart

Hi guys,
I was very happy 2 years ago when I succeeded in having my Volumio up and running with PI-4, external Dac and HDD. It was more luck than wisdom I’am not sure how I did it. But it worked!!
Until today. I had a complete power down at home and after switching on, everything worked fine. Except my PI/ Volumio. I can remember from then that PI and power off is not a fine combination, can somebody please explain in simple words what to do, where to start? I tried to read and understand some of the forum, but sorry to say I’am a newby when it comes to this stuff and get lost too soon.

Normally it works like: power supply (usb) disconnect…and connect again.
If not it can be an issue with the SD card. Try to flash a new one.
I have had a problem with my router a time ago. Power was off and suddenly the firewall blocked everything.

Great and very quick respons Achim. I did disconnect power and utp and it worked at once. Thanks so much, so happy. I really expected some kind of struggle.

So next step:
Shutdown Volumio
Get the SD-Card out
Download: DiskImager32
Create a backup of the SD.

If something goes wrong with the SD, you can restore a backup

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