Plugins collection

I would appreciate if it would be easier to find plugins for Volumio. There should be a thread, where all plugins are collected with descriptions of their functions, where to get and how to load them into Volumio, all updates and hardware dependencies. I like Volumio very much and this would be a great help for me and many other users too.

This is an excellent idea, and one that I was intending to post when one or two plugins that are currently nearing completion were ready. However, your post precipitates this :slight_smile: … see the sticky in ‘Development Talks.’

Hi chsims1, thank you very much for this inbelievable quick reaction!
I hope all the existing plugins will shine up soon.
Volumio now is the best project I have seen and I hope it will stay like this.
Just now I updated my Raspbery to new version and it worked without any problems.

[size=150]So again a huge thankyou to the Volumio team.[/size]

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