[PLUGIN] YouTube2

it works for me i think you are doing things rong but what we cant see. maby send logs ore printscreen on how you are making the key’s (Wiping out the key’s afcourse)

@Michal_Muszynski it works tested it many times now all should work well…
So i think that something is not going right. api worked the first time i used it after update
tested it and worked ok… so if your Credentials aren’t right … check it…@ google

I know what I did wrong:
For OAuth 2.0 Client IDs - Application Type must be - TV and Limited Input

Thanks for the tips

your welcome :slight_smile:

Now there is another problem, the volumio has a problem with tracks longer than 4 minutes. Playback is interrupted and the next track in the list follows.

it sounds like the 3/4 cut off of songs…

i would propose a mpd upgrade :

Exactly as you write, but when I restart the song, sometimes it works properly, sometimes it doesn’t. Overall it’s great that this plug works because for me it was one of the most convenient. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

did you upgrade the mpd already or not? btw @patrickkfkan did all the great work i help only debugging and testing… but already went true the most of the problems …

I already said this in my first post. So did you update your MPD as @dvo suggested?

thanks guys for ur great work. i will give it a try over Christmas break and will let u know if i figure out something…

Updated with the following additions:

  1. Cache settings: you can now specify the cache size (in terms of number of entries it can hold) and expiry time (per entry in seconds).

  2. Autoplay: when a YouTube track has finished playing and there are no further tracks in the queue, the plugin will start playing the ‘Up Next’ video like you would see on YouTube. Autoplay is disabled by default - you can enable it in the plugin settings.


    An autoplayed track is displayed as such in the queue, and replaced by the next autoplay track when playback of the current one finishes. As long as there are no further tracks in the queue and the plugin is able to obtain the ‘Up Next’ video, autoplay will continue indefinitely. The Autoplay feature is marked experimental because I’m not sure how robust the code is in terms of manipulating the queue this way while not messing up Volumio’s state machine. It seems to work well in my case, but more tests needed.

    Also note that YouTube can be quirky about ‘Up Next’ videos. Even on the YouTube site, you may encounter repetitive ‘Up Next’ videos. There is nothing that can be done about this…just something to be aware of. EDIT: The number of repetitions encountered for some videos is just way higher than what you would normally get on YouTube. I need to look further into this…

Visit the Github repo for instructions to update the plugin.

Did all the new-installation. It worked out really well and it’s pretty idiot-proof. Thanks a lot for the effort!

Updating and testing :slight_smile: Installed volumio-2.861-2020-12-22-pi.img, Updated the MPD, all working like a charm :slight_smile: really thx

greats all, have a nice christmus

is it possible somehow to add the history of the youtube?

you could do that with the api


I don’t understand what you mean by adding the history of YouTube. Could you provide an example of what you would like to see with the plugin?

when you play something on YouTube keeps history what you played. it has a section for this. i dont know if it is possible…

So you play a video on youtube.com, and then when you go to Volumio you want to see the video there too? Is my understanding correct?

yeah youtube has already this. so i was thinking if somehow you can retrieve this from youtube.

as i said you could use the part out of the api… :stuck_out_tongue:

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