Plugin update mechanism (via GUI) - how does it work

Hi to the volumio developers,

i have a question how a plugin update (via GUI) works?
Is it calling first or is it just starting with

I have following problem:

  • i have to write some values to userconfig.txt (therefore i use the command sed)
  • i have heared from plugin users, that after plugin update (via GUI) there where values twice in their userconfig.txt

Maybe someone can tell me how the plugin update mechanism is working or in which of a plugin i can find some tipps.

I am looking forward hearing from you.

Regards AxLED

IIRC, the plugin updater just calls the of a plugin again. It doesn’t run first.

thanks for your, response so i have to change my and get deeper into sed command.

@AxLED – This is from my (foggy) memory, best to look at what the code does.

EDIT: Checked, nope - it just runs again