[PLUGIN] Philips hue control

Hey folks,
I wrote a plugin to control Philips Hue sockets or light bulbs depending on the playback status of Volumio.

github.com/a-i-ks/volumio-plugi … ue_control

I’ve been using the plugin for some time now and it works fine. Nevertheless I would be pleased about a feedback, because this was my first JavaScript project.

Unfortunately I did not manage to publish the plugin via the official way. I have to say at this point that I don’t like the workflow for plugin development very much. I find it somewhat unusual that all plugins are managed in a single repository and I have to check out all other plugins as well to develop my own.

Anyway, I would be very happy if someone who has a bit more understanding of the plugin and repository structure (after reviewing it) would add my plugin to the official Plugin Manager.

Many greetings, André

Hi André,

Thank you a lot for developing this.

I do not own a Philips Hue Light right now but already ordered now.
Philips has to thank you :wink:
Volumio’s plugin feature is a absolutely highlight for me - so i’m, very happy with every single plugin - also hoping i will, learning on the given code - some day - be able to develop my own ideas…

For me it is also very hard to follow the github rules…
If you want people like me testing this it would be even more convenient to offer a zip file within the github plugin folder to downloading directly.

Silly me - but i do have to download now your whole github content as a zip - extract the plugin and recompress the wanted folder to be able to test … as soon as my “huelight bulb” arrived. Not difficult but not very convenient.
Also a read.me file on how to use would be very nice.

Anyway thank you very much - i will report as soon as the HueLight has arrived :smiley:

Best Regards

Hello Josef,
I can send you the plugin as a single directory (see attchments).

I use the plugin to control an Osram Smart Plug that my Hi-Fi system is connected to. When I press Play in Volumio (which runs on a constantly running Raspberry Pi), the power for the Hi-Fi system is turned on. If the playback stops, the smart socket goes out again after an adjustable time.
Of course you can also control a lamp or light bulb with it. But at the moment it can only be switched on or off. But you can program something based on my plugin with a color gradient to match the music. I am curious about your ideas.
Greetings André
hue_control.zip (18.7 KB)

Thank you.
This plugin works perfect.
And enables me to start a 12v trigger to start and stop my active speakers.
So, thank you thank you thank you…

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I am very happy that you are using my plugin. I have also been using it for months without any problems. Too bad I didn’t get it into the official plugin store. The process is still not entirely clear to me.
How do you use a 12V switch via Philips hue? Do you have a switch connected to the hue bridge via Zigbee? I have only known 220V smart plugs so far.

I have a Hue 220V smart plug, and in thath connected a 12v av trigger box (Emotiva ET-3 trigger) . So when the smart plug turns on the 12v gets power and starts the speakers. And when it turns off the 12v trigger turns of and the speakers turns down.
Works really, really god.

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