[PLUGIN] IR Remote Controller feedback thread

Hm, the “gpio-ir” overlay does not get loaded. I will have to investigate why that happens. Before doing so, please also post the result of

cat /data/configuration/accessory/ir_controller/config.json

P.S. Is this a fresh Volumio system and what Volumio version are you using? Board is a Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB Rev. 1.4 I assume. Do you have any other hardware (what?) connected besides the DAC?

P.P.S. What is the IR controller plugin version?


yes indded, Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB

official RPi touch screeen and Shanti power supply are connected, the neweat ver of Volumio is running

cat /data/configuration/accessory/ir_controller/config.json returned:

“ir_profile”: {
“type”: “string”,
“value”: “Marantz RC003PMCD”

Zrzut ekranu 2021-01-14 o 17.07.42

Does the problem also occur,

  1. if you disable and reenable the plugin on your running system?

  2. if you disable the plugin, reboot Volumio and then enable the plugin?


I re-installed the plugin and still nothing, I have drop down menu with remote control models but I don’t have the one to assign the GPIO

should I re-install the Volumio again ?

Maybe try re-installing the plugin at first. Though I don’t see why that could/would solve the issue it might be worth a try and not too time consuming.

hi, did already few times, without a resut (with and wihout restarting the Pi afterwards)

Ok, I hope to find a little time tonight to look at the plugin’s code and do some tests.

If you don’t shy away from setting up Volumio from scratch that would at least have the advantage that we start from a defined state hunting down the problem.

sure! will do thanks a lot !

In a conversation and testing session with @dom.efendi it has been revealed that the detection of Raspberry Pi board revision had a bug. I opened a PR on GitHub for new version of the plugin that will fix it.

Thank you again for All your time and help @gvolt :blush:

Thanks to @balbuze the PR has already been merged. So the new version (1.3.3) of the plugin should be installable from the UI.