Please help !! No sound output


I’m new of Volumio. First of all let me introduce the environment.

  1. Intel Atmos CPU notebook
  2. OS Windows 10
  3. SD card load the Volumio from Oracle VM VirtualBox.
  4. DAC- Pro-ject pre box s2 digital
  5. With NAS

It works perfect to use foobar 2000 and Tidal to play the songs from NAS. Actually the installaion of Volumio is fine without any problem. However, when I try to play the song, I see the DAC can recognize to play the songs. Also it can display every song format and resolution. However only problem is no sound output from my speaker. When I close the VM and go back to play the song by foobar 2000, the sound I can hear without any problem. Does anyone can help me how to trouble shoot ? Thanks.

Ricky Wong