Playlists not added to queue

I have been having issues with this for weeks. Sometimes reboots or other “tricks” fix it but since yesterday it doesn’t work at all.

I have a very long playlist mostly qobuz songs. The qobuz account is logged in and i can play songs from qobuz directly.

This playlist will not add to the queue whatever i try. Reboots, running updates. It’s almost like this playlist is corrupt. It just won’t do anything. I can’t even add songs from this playlist to another.

There is no errors that appear just the loading bar with no result. Nothing clear in the logs on /dev either that points to a clear issue.

The last thing i haven’t tried is a factory reset or re-install which is the obvious next thing. But i don’t really feel like losing this playlist which has taken months to put together.

To add to the frustration i pay for Volumio and qobuz and haven’t been able to use either properly for weeks.

Rpi 3

I think providing a log would help. My guess is that Volumio needs a fair bit of time adding the tracks to the queue (since your said your playlist is very long), but can’t say for sure without reading the logs.

Thanks for the reply. But nevermind i threw away the pi and the DAC and buying a proper streamer. This is simply too frustrating every time i want to simply listen to music i have to fiddle for 30 minutes first.

Volumio has never been stable since i started using it. Too bad.

Sorry for your experience kasper. It’s a shame that you were unable to sort out your problems by asking for help, which may well have helped make Volumio a better solution for everyone. Of course, many people just want a working “proper” streamer now, and that’s fair enough, but it comes with a hefty price-tag. Personally, I just simply listen to music without any fiddling with my Volumio on various devices, and spend my money elsewhere. :slight_smile:

P.S. What “proper” streamer did you buy, out of curiosity?

I got a Bluesound i2 i think it’s called.

I am normally a big fan of open source solutions and solutions that need a bit of fiddling around.

Some issues were fixable. And this may have been fixed with a fresh install. But i didn’t want to lose the playlist and also couldn’t find a way to reproduce it.

So in the end investing in something that “just works” for once saves a lot of frustration.

Maybe i’ll give it another go in the future who knows.
Btw i am not the only one experiencing a lot of issues. I found a couple of reddit threads with frustrated volumio users. :frowning: