Playlist won't play or add to queue

Hi, I’m getting no response from Volumio when trying to play a playlist. I can see the list, and play individual tracks, but can’t play or queue the entire playlist. When I hit the Play button, nothing happens (same if I use a context menu to do so). It seems like this is a semi-common problem, any advice on how to fix?

I’m running the latest version of Volumio on a Raspberry Pi Nano v1.3.

Click on first track in playlist in queue, or clear and play add playlist to queue?

Neither works. The playlist doesn’t get added to the queue at all. I can play individual songs from the playlist itself, but not the whole playlist, and it just doesn’t add to the queue.

I can’t reproduce this. Can you see what the system logs are when you try to add a playlist to the queue?

Open two browser windows. In one type your normal Volumio IP address. In the other, type the address but append ‘/dev’ to the end. Click on enable livelog. The window will then show the live system messages as you make changes in the Volumio UI in the OTHER browser.