playlist functionality is broken on latest from git

Hi All,
on latest from git, I called a small script trying to play a playlist “hits” that I made with local mp3. After calling the script, the Queue DOES NOT hold the playlist and the audio does not start…
Can anyone point me to a earliest version in which this functionality is working ? I’m trying to work on an alexa plugin and find myself debugging core functionality instead …

var io=require('');

var socket= io.connect('http://localhost:3000');

var op = '{"name":"hits"}';

socket.emit('pause', '');
socket.emit('playPlaylist', op);
socket.emit('volume', 35);
socket.emit('play', '');

socket.emit('getState', '');


Do a factory reset:
system -> factory reset

you will loose all your data, but you will revert to a working version