Playlist didnt work


i store my music on a Fritz!NAS.
Because of a new Fritz!Box i have to remount this NAS.

All my tracks and albums are working (Yeah!), but my Playlists didnt work.

What can i do?


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.834

I’m guessing the path name has changed so it can’t find them.

Id the IP Address of the new NAS the same as the old one?


no, the NAS have a new IP-Adress.
But i can remount this NAS (i see about 7200 tracks).
I can play this tracks.

Only my playlists didnt work.


The playlist is looking at the old mount point, that is why it isn’t playing

From one of my playlists

{“service”:“mpd”,“uri”:“mnt/NAS/HD_Music/Pink Floyd/(1975) Wish You Were Here/02 - Welcome to The Machine.flac”,“title”:“2 - Welcome to The Machine”,“artist”:“Pink Floyd”,“album”:“Wish You Were Here”,“albumart”:"/albumart?cacheid=851&web=/Wish%20You%20Were%20Here/large&path=%2Fmnt%2FNAS%2FHD_Music%2FPink%20Floyd%2F(1975)%20Wish%20You%20Were%20Here&icon=fa-tags&metadata=false"},

If the path changes, the playlist cannot find the file to play