Playing synced multi-room music with Linn and Volumio


I never know wherer to put these question that concern different hard- and softwares, but I think I have by now exahusted the Linn forum and figured that this here is the logical next step.

We have two Linn devices running, providing music for the living room and the kitchen - my wife loves the perfect sync.

So now I am trying to get this going in our TV room, where I hooked up a RasPi running Volumio 2.185 (Upmpdcli 1.2.12 libupnpp 0.15.1).

Linn’s Konfig can see the RasPi, but do nothing, clicking on it brings a 404, unlike the Linn devices which I can config. But fair enough, Konfig is presumably for Linn stuff only.

Linn’s Kazoo can see the RasPi, I managed to change the RasPi’s location by changing ohproductroom in /etc/upmpdcli.conf - so far, so good. I should mention that I am an idiot where Linux is concerned. But the RasPi can play music, etc. Everything’s fine.

Well, almost.
In Kazoo, I can link up my Linn devices in the living room and the kitchen so they play in sync. I enable this by enabling “Songcast” in Konfig.

I cannot add the RasPi to this synced music playing - is it simply not possible, or am I missing something?

BTW, I read that there is a newer Upmpdcli version (1.2.14), but with my Linux newbie means (“sudo apt-get upgrade upmpdcli”) I didn’t succeed (“upmpdcli is already the newest version”)

Any hints?

Thanks a lot - and generally my thanks to everyone involved in the Volumio project. This is great!