"Play next" option like on iPhone

Hi michelangelo,

If a song is playing and i go through my files to add one more file to my queue, there should be an option to play this selected file as next track. So the file gets sorted under the active track and not at the end of the whole queue.

On my iphone i like this option very much and apple did a great job.
Perhaps you can add this fantastic feature to volumio too.

Isn’t this just the Add to Queue option that you are describing? i.e Press the 3 buttons and -> Aadd to Queue

no is not. if i click at “add to queue” (sorry i have german GUI) the track is always added to the end of queue and not under the current playing track which is maybe the first track on the queue

Ah true!
So something like a “Play next” option?

yes you got it. :smiley:

the standard music app on the iphone has this feature, i use this very often and i think this is very great feature. perhaps any other people who like this???


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+1 please

+1 pretty please…

+1 Yes please! :slight_smile: