Play music hosted on a Plex Media Server?

Hey forum, I’m looking for some advice on setting up a streaming solution:

I’ve got a Plex Media Server setup on a Windows 8.1 machine at a remote location and use it to stream videos and music to all my devices. Now I would like to access that music library directly from Volumio (running on an RPi).

By this I mean I want to be able to open the library tab on the Volumio Web UI and see all that music, sorted nicely into and ready to go! Is this possible?

Any type of workaround or extra software on either unit is welcome, the only limitation is that I don’t want to have to stream from a 3rd device like a phone (although I’m very open to starting a ‘cast’ similar to how Chromecast works)

ANY AND ALL help or suggestions are appreciated!

Hey x7dude,

To my knowledge you will need another piece of software acting as a DLNA/Upnp Digital Media Controller (DMC). This is because I think that:-

  • Volumio will Act only as a DNLA Digital Music Renderer (DMR) or Music Player. I can’t see a way to read a library broadcast by an external DNLA server (e.g. Plex)

  • I don’t believe that you can push to a DMR from Plex Server for PC.

I would consider what device you are going to use as a UI to select music to play (e.g. Your windows PC, Phone, Tablet etc.) Then select an appropriate software to select from Plex and play to Volumio. Examples are:-

Windows, JRiver, Foobar2000, Media Monkey, Microsoft Media Player.
Android, BubbleUPNP, Skifta.

Hope this makes sense,


Hey Kevin, thanx for the insight. I guess I’ll havet to dream up another solution…

–added 2015-01-17
The solution, by the way, turned out to be mounting an ftp connection to the filesystem with curlftpfs as described here: … filesystem

I use it with filezilla server and I skipped the ssl step, instead creating an ftp account with read permissions to my music files (if someone hacks it then good for them, they get my shitty music).

I couldn’t get the the fstab “automount” step to work, instead I wrote a bash script and set it on a cron job to check mount status and mount if needed, so now it’s always mounted, even if the RPi or the server reboots.

I can post more details if anyone wants them :slight_smile: