PI4B/2GB (Rev. 1.5) and Qudelix 5k Problems

We are doing a build exacly for this. 30 minutes and it will be ready.
I kindly ask you to test it and report back. Will update you soon

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not that more difficult, you can even do it headless. If needed I can PM you a topic that I created for a different player/server to install raspbian headless. you can then use VNC viewer for the desktop.

Sure! I know the basic steps, but I would have to google a lot of details I guess (alsa and player setup etc.)…

Please test this image:


Kindly report to us:

  1. Does this boot on PI4 1.5?
  2. Do you have noise on the qdelix 5k with this image on PI 1.5?


I can confirm its booting…now basic setup and testing the qudelix!

Unfortunately the problem with the Qudelix persists :frowning:

Too bad I don´t have another Hi-Res USB DAC here to test…

Can you test this image on a previous PI version and report if it works with the Qudelix?

Seems then its an issue of the firmware (which is a bad news, since its closed source)

yes, i will…currently installing raspbian as suggested by wheaten on the spare sd…afterwards I will try on my PI 2 or 3. Probably tomorrow…

Will also ask at the Qudelix forum, maybe someone else can test too…

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OK, did a test on the latest Raspberry PI OS (I guess what was called raspbian before). @Wheaten gave me a link, but that was too much effort…I just installed the OS, did update, full-upgrad and rpi-update (also rpi-eeprom-update, but that was already actual), but a 192/24 flac file on the sd, set Alsa to use the Qudelix and played the file using a command line player (moc)…same problem with noise…so no good news here…

gonna try Volumio 3.209 on the PI3 now (or tomorrow)

sudo apt update
$ sudo apt full-upgrade
$ sudo rpi-update

To exclude your DAC, try also to connect it to a pc and play a file. and see if the noise is still there.

  • We have excluded the software
  • Next exclude the DAC

If the PC generates the same noise, then it might be an issue with the DAC, if it sounds OK than the issue is with rPi.

Hi Wheaten, thats something I already did. No problems with PC and Laptop (both running Archlinux) and the Qudelix.

I suspect the PI as well.

Also tryed a bunch of different power units (also some that work flawless with the PI2 and 3), does not change anything…

If your USB DAC works fine with your PC, with a RPi2 and a RPi3, the issue could be also caused by a more noisy power supply of your RPi4 (I suppose it’s a different one).

Is there a way for you to connect another power supply to your RPi4?

Good idea, but something I already tested with like 4 different power supplies. Also including the ones that work without problems on my PI2 and PI3…

Just wrote the seller what he thinks and if we can exchange the unit.

Currently test the v3.209 on my older PI2:

  • you fixed the WIFI driver issue with this image. Great! Thank you for this…let us know when I can upgrade the “official” system.
  • Qudelix works without problems on the PI2 with v3.209

if you already tried the same power supply, I think we can rule-out it as the source of the problem

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I fear the latest firmware for Raspberry PI breaks some USB DACs playback.

We have another report:

I think we shall report that to PI foundation. It will be very hard to diagnose what is wrong there, I fear

Very interesting…let´s ask if it´s a Rev. 1.5 PI4…Would be interesting to the the Qudelix with another PI4…

As workaround I just put the IQ-Audio HAT on the PI4 and use the PI2 with the Qudelix in another room. So I can wait for a solution :slight_smile:

Maybe you can also drop an email to Qudelix ,to see if more reports came in on sound distortion using the rPi4 Rev:1.5.

Already done