Pi4 + hifiberry digi pro + official display

Buongiorno,avevo un raspberry pi3b con hifiberry digi pro e display ufficiale.
Non c’era modo di far funzionare il tutto,Volumio non trovava l’hardware.
Dopo aver fatto credo tutte le prove che ho letto qui ho provato ad installare altri sistemi operativi e da lì reinstallato Volumio ha iniziato a funzionare tutto a dovere.
Adesso mi ritrovo con lo stesso problema in quanto sono passato a raspberry pi4…
Come faccio a sistemare una volta per tutte questo “failed to open alsa“?!
Grazie a tutti!! E scusatemi ma mastico inglese ma se si parla di scrivere lasciamo perdere.

As I don’t speak / understand Italian I put your post into Google translator :wink: :

Hello, I had a raspberry pi3b with hifiberry digi pro and official display.
There was no way to make everything work, Volumio couldn’t find the hardware.
After doing I think all the tests I have read here I tried to install other operating systems and from there I reinstalled Volumio everything started to work properly.
Now I find myself with the same problem as I switched to raspberry pi4 …
How do I fix this “failed to open alsa” once and for all ?!
Thank you all!! And excuse me but I chew English but if it comes to writing, forget it.

From that I suspect you might be using not only the DSI ribbon cable to connect your display to the Pi but also the dedictated cables for SDA and SCL. If so, remove them. They are only required for old Model A/B boards where the DSI connector does not have I2C connections. With your Pi 4B (and Pi 3B, too) SDA and SCL signals are already transmitted via the DSI ribbon cable.

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Thank you gvolt!! Yes, I use only the flat cable.
Display is ok…but no sound from hifiberry digi+ pro…

Bummer, would have been a quick solution. Unfortunately I don’t have enough knowledge about alsa to be able to help you in that regard. One thing ruled out at least…

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Yes, one thing at a time!!:wink: thanks!!
I hope in other experts!!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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same problem with raspberry and hifiberry digi pro +
red error message with "failed to open alsa device “Volumio”

Resolved!! I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but disconnected the ethernet cable and connected via wifi everything started working …