New SMSL DAC is on the way. Does anyone have any experience with this brand of DACs working with Volumio? I already have the Topping e30 and it works great but adding a second USB DAC for my second setup. I am really excited for this set up.

Well I will answer my own question. Volumio picked up “USB SMSL USB Audio” as my DAC and it worked instantly. Playing DSD and FLAC files flawlessly. Very happy and it sounds great. For those of you that have been debating USB DACS vs DAC Hats to me its simply no comparison that the USB DACs are superior. I would love to hear what others think. But I moved my Topping E30 that was replaced by the above to my downstairs Volumio PI 4 set up and have noticed improvements in the overall sound stage. And I had the Audiphoncs ESS 9038 dac hat chip which was superior to the DAC in may Onkyo amp.

All I can say is that these USB Docs are wonderfull! I am so happy I discovered Volumio to be able to do all this.

What is not wonderful is the Volumio software right now. If I run either of my set ups with the Volumio software, and I am a superstar subscriber, I am getting error messages left and right when I try to play Qobuz, my own music files are fine. I am not even getting Album Art anymore via Qobuz. But If I use mConnect to play Qobuz and use Volumio as an endpoint it is flawless.

I am so hopeful the new release of Volumio will fix all the Qobuz problems.