Pi zero w

I’ve got Volumio running very nicely on a Pi zero with a JustBoom DAC, but I’m looking to upgrade the zero to the new zero w. From what I hear the current Volumio image would need new firmware to support the built in WiFi on the zero w?

Is that correct, and if so any idea of a timescale for such a release? Just want to get rid of the WiFi dongle and cable…

I have a pi zero and I am unable to get it to connect to the WiFi with the on board (or any of my other) WiFi adaptors. I think I am unlucky as the 2 adaptors I have use either the mt7601u or zd1211 iirc chipset and with no usb>ether etc nic I can’t configure the zero w. I am able to boot on the w with the new image that dropped yesterday, but I am also a total noob with volumio so may be doing something wrong, no volumio hotspot appears though.

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As far as I am aware, the new RPi0 with wifi uses the same chip as the Pi3, but I guess that some tinkering with the image config will be necessary. I am sure that someone more knowledgeable than I will soon confirm or otherwise.

I think the chips are the same, I’ve only got the zero and zero w available to play with at the minute, I’m sure I am doing something wrong, but I’m happy to test later if anyone wants me to try anything.

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Yes, is the same chip as the Pi3.

My plain (original version) pi zero works fine, but I’ve seen reports of issues with the new wireless version due to the firmware, hence my original question.

I guess a little catch up time will be needed, just curious about timescales etc.

@dancingbear84 - one of these is another option perhaps? I have one and it works fine.

That’d be ideal, I just don’t have one now and have itchy fingers lol. I’ll get one ordered or get a working WiFi dongle, I’m trying to make something for the kids to play music on in their rooms, hopefully getting them more interested in computer science and audio in the process.

I wasn’t able to get the zero to boot at all to start with, but the new image allows me to get to terminal with a screen connected

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You may want to check this

Thanks, it does indeed look like what’s needed.

Will test it out at the end of next week when I’m back home.