Partial web interface load


The web UI only partially loads - the queue, browse and library tabs say “common.tab_browse” and such - please see screenie attached.
It is on another subnet on the LAN - any ideas why it isn’t loading properly? I can get at the html, it just looks like the scripts behind it are unhappy. Is there anything I can do to tweak it?

It works fine on wifi on the same subnet. The pi zero it runs on can happily reach out to the rest of the LAN and t’interwebs.

Thanks very much.

Did you let the pi boot long enough on very-first boot?
It can be particularly long (about 15mn-ish to be safe) on rpi0 to let everything settle down the first time.
You may want to monitor with top under ssh, until CPU stabilizes around 5% for some time, then you are set. It may be a little while after the tone.
With that, you should not have such kind of troubles, across later reboots.


If your server is on another LAN subnet, you will need to create a static route between the two LANs.

So if the host accessing Volumio has a gateway of you need to map to route via that gateway and vice versa.

I guess you’d need to SSH into Volumio to make changes to the routing table.