Overview of all ports used and their purpose

Hi, we will implement the Volumio on a Raspberry Pi in a very restricted IT environment so the customer will ask what ports they need to open for Volumio and for what purpose.

Is there an overview of this (I could not find it :frowning:)

Thanks for any help on this.

Well that depends which functionalities you want to use. If you want only to play music from local resources you do not need access to internet… (only to update maybe)
if you want myvolumio, spotify etc then is more complicated.
You are talking about outbound connections I guess… or inbound…
I wonder what restricted environment is that ? :thinking: :thinking:

We will need the following or sure:
internet radio and OTA updates

Optional additions might be:
bluetooth and spotify connect

This will be a hospital where this will be installed. Outbound connections are more easily accepted but inbound are very restricted.