Overclocking Pi A how?

Hi All,

I have an old Pi A that I want to use for Volumio but it doesn’t fell quite fast enough. Normally I would overclock using the Raspi-Config script but that doesn’t seem to be included in Volumio (using 2.041). Whats the best way to add a little overclock to the Pi? Just want to help it along a little :slight_smile:

The raspi-config script simply adds settings to the /boot/config.txt file. You can do this manually yourself ofc. As to the settings themselves, then I think a Google search would be the way forward.

Found this site howtogeek.com/269202/how-an … ocomputer/ which helped out as it gave the settings in the raspi-config and how to manually set the config.txt. I was able to just copy the info from the config script (as it was shown in a screen shot) and copied into the template for the text file :slight_smile:

Now running happily at 900Mhz and sitting at a very comfortable 35C CPU temp :smiley:

Glad you sorted it out. Please edit the topic title to include [SOLVED] if you’re happy.