ORF FM4 Player

How would I go about making a plugin so that I can choose program from the fm4 radioplayer? I’ve checked the html, but it is difficult to analyze. Any pointers or help would be much appreciated.




depends what function you want to migrate into a plugin. If you just want to hear the live stream there is nothing to do at all. Search in the Internet Radio section for FM4 and you will find the channel easily which you can also bookmark as favorite.


We have been using FM4 from the web radio menu DAILY since nearly the beginning of Volumio 2.
Works excellent, click webradios, enter FM4 in the search field and there you go. You may have to browse one or two windows, but then select it, done.
Save to favorites.

+1 for a FM4 Plugin! Not just to listen webradio live, but to select radioshows until 7 days ago, like on ORF-Radiothek

is this even possible?