Options for Sincere Audiophile interface request

I would like to start by saying that Volumio rocks but sadly I am not a programmer an I can’t customize to my taste.
I am inviting you to entertain looking at an optionally choosable interface optimized for Auiophile listening enjoyment environments.

I have been using a program for years called Album Player which I use with an ELO 19 inch touch screen . When it comes to player interfaces, these guys just have it figured out and it is an extremely enjoyable experience. Unfortunately it runs only on Windows and I haven’t been able to get it to match the sound quality that I can get with Volumio using MPD on a PI-3 with external DAC.

I would like to encourage you to have a good look at Album Player and enlist some design queues from it and come up with an interface for us audiophile types.
I would like to reiterate that I think Volumio is fantastic and works terrifically on my iPhone. I and several of my audiophile club members just long for a little something more.

Thanks for listening.

Can you point us to a location where we can find the program (and version) of Album Player you are refering too?

It would be very useful to learn which typical features and usecases you (and your club members) are so much enjoying and why.

Maybe even some screen shots?

Very interested to read more…

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