Optical/spdif DAC

I have Volumio 1.4 running on a Cubietruck and it runs fantastic.

Now, I want to add a DAC to it and am planning go for Schiit Audio Modi optical DAC.

If i switch the module in Volumio to optical, it plays all files including 192kHz files, ie the optical out runs and the volumio interface shows no errors, rather shows the files playing just fine.

So in theory, if I connect an optical DAC to it, I should be good. And that would be the best possible solution for a good quality, budget Audiophile system.

My only concern is that has anyone tried the Volumio on Cubietruck, with Schiit Modi Optical before. I could benefit from the experience as I will be getting the Dac shipped from US to India, and so returning is not an option.

I have Volumio 1.5 on Cubietruck with Schiit Modi Optical and they work together very nicely. I have tried up to 32 bit / 96 kHz as I do not have any 192 kHz files at hand. Everything works as expected. Database indexing seems to be faster after converting ALAC files to FLAC. Sound quality is extremely good through my Cambridge Audio Azur 350A.

The only small problem I found is that the optical spdif connector on my Cubietruck is rather wobbly and moving around the Cubietruck or Modi sometimes disturbs the optical link. On the Modi the link is 100% reliable. The “optical cable” I am using is nothing special… it maybe just my own Cubietruck board that presents this problem or the rather cheap optical cable.

I tried up-sampling to 192 kHz and a FLAC at 176,2 kHz. Neither worked. The Modi Optical did not see/receive the signal (signal LED remained off). At the moment I do not know what is the problem. I will try to get a better optical cable to start with.

By the way, I saw in Schiit’s web site that there is a new Modi, Modi 2 Über, with optical, coax and USB inputs, still at the same price.

IIRC, Optical digital (TOSLINK) specification is limited to 96k

some DACs may work, others may not.


Thanks pedro and gswg.

I ordered the Modi 2 Optical with Uber. So even if the optical does not work, I still will have the usb option, though i would prefer the optical option.

I am yet to receive it, so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I am happy to report that the cubietruck optical out with volumio works like a charm.

I connected the Schiit Modi 2 Uber and boy-oh-boy the already perfect sound seemed just divine. The clarity, tone, sound stage… everything seems perfect. Sit on the spot and close my eyes and I am in musical heaven.

Volumio on the cubietruck coupled with a gem of a DAC like the Schiit Modi 2 Uber is the perfect low cost solution to audiophile needs.

Loving it. And a huge thanks to everyone behind the Volumio Project.

Do the Wifi and IR ports work out of the box for Volumio build? Thanks

Wifi works. You have to log into the router to check what is the ip of volumio… then use that ip… thats what i did. Router should allow DHCP.