Only show Title and Album art

Coming from Moode, I just installed the latest Volumio on a RPi 3 B+, with 3.5 hdmi screen.
The install went fine and I can see Volumio UI and screen goes blank after a minute, great.
Is it possible to get the album art instead of a blank screen as a screen saver? (like in Moode)
How do I do that? a plugin, a script modification?


ok, nevermind, I’m going back to MoOde, sound is better for some reason.

Out of interest, what’s your hardware Alain? Are you using a DAC HAT or similar, or taking audio from HDMI or headphone jack, or something USB-connected? I’m curious why the sound would be different. Is Moode doing EQ?

Hi Andy,
Don’t pay attention to my comment. I didn’t stay long enough with Volumio to make a sincere comparison. And I know, I would not be able to tell anyway. Some people on diyaudio said Moode sounded better than Volumio, but I don’t know what would make it sound better exactly.
I’m using a simple set up, RPi3B+ with Hifiberry DAC+Pro.

If you’re using a DAC HAT, the sound should be the same regardless of software.