on RPI3 volumio keeps losing connection

i am constantly needing to hit SEARCH to find it again. Sometimes I need to hit SEARCH a few times. The whole experience is rather poor. If I choose to play a long list of songs it keeps going fine. It’s when I open my Android phone back up to access it again that it has a problem. It does the same thing on ethernet.

Are you saying that you have the same problems when your RPi3 is connected by ethernet to your LAN?


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Are you using a browser or an app to access the Volumio UI (I don’t understand what you mean by “hit SEARCH”)? Do you specify the IP address, or use volumio.local?

The button is on my Android Volumio app on the “Device not found” page

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Can you try controlling Volumio via a browser (could still be on your mobile) & see if your experience is different? You will need to know the RPi3 IP address for this though … have a look at your router’s display of connected devices.

The problem only occurs on the app. It seems fine on my laptop.

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