Odroid N2+ no HDMI or S/PDIF, only USB

HI, did anyone get sound out of the HDMI and/or S/PDIF ports? I only get sound through my USB port (to my DAC and then analogue to my AVR).

(When I try a similar settng with RPi4/Hifiberry Digipro through Coax S/PDIF it works fine. And when I swith the Odroid to boot up Coreelec it also works fine in Kodi interface.)

I can select the S/PDIF or HDMI in playback output on the Odroid Volumio. My goal is no volume mixing and no sampling. However if I use mixing or sampling also no sound comes out.

Anyone has an idea? Please tell me. Your help will be appreciated.

B.T.W. when i tried to install Kodi plugin to see if I get it working there, Kodi does not want to start up. Also not on Rpi4 but I think this is caused by the fact that i needs Buster kernel.

@gkkpch Could this be the issue?

No, that is unrelated.
Did you connect a TV to HDMI or just an AV receiver without a TV connected?
And for spdif, did you take the signal from pin J7.2?

Both work fine here, so there must be something configuration-specific.