Not happy at all that you disable my hardware

I really like Volumio, but one thing i really hate is the fact you are disabling my hardware behind your own paywall.
I do not mind paying for extra services if i need them, but disabling my payed hardware to make a buck is appalling.
Like buying a car and have to pay extra to use the brakes.
Doing this makes you no better than the likes of Google.

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I really think that you need to give some details here …

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Bart. Just making a post to complain isn’t helpful for anyone. You didn’t even say what part is disabled…

Volumio is free open source software with “premium features” that can be enabled using my volumio. These payments help the development. If you want you can always enable everything manually.

But since you never said what your missing, it might just not even be implemented yet…

Thanks for replying.

I was referring to disabling the bluetooth function of my Pi 4.
I get you want to get some funds to develop the software, we all need to eat, right .
To put premium features in and pay for them i totally get, but not at the cost of disabling hardware ( i payed for ).
I gladly pay for development purposes, but freely not pushed into it which gives me very Apple Inc. vibe

I hope you understand my position, Helping you financially i am glad to do, but i do not like to be forced.

Bluetooth isn’t physically disabled in your RPi; it just isn’t enabled in Volumio Free. You have a choice of whether to use Volumio and subscribe to extra features of MyVolumio or not. You can even modify Volumio Free yourself to provide such features. Complaining that you’re not handled everything on a plate for free though is just unrealistic.

On my pi (running Volumio Free), I can discover nearby bluetooth devices from the command line. So they haven’t disabled bluetooth. They just left it there untouched.

just google on it, how to add BT device via the shell. The only thing Volumio didn’t do is providing an easy interface (GUI) in the free version.

Or just support them by paying 30 euro, you get the easy BT, Qubuz and Tidal interface and funding’s for them to keep on developing and improving.

This is with posts like this, Bart, that people forge a very biased opinion and the worst part is, there people who will believe that Volumio would do such kind of thing…

Before complaining aggressively about something, simply ask next time. I hate it when people crap all over a product over a simple assumption that happens to be completely false…

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Would be nice if the original poster deleted this post given that it appears to be based on a mistake

Hi all,
For me it is only for the bluetooth option, i do not care about Tidal or any other feature it will unlock.

Not knowing what to expect is the hardest part, paying a subscription fee for only to be able to move a slider in the UI isn’t worth the 30 Euros/Year.
If it is only the discover/pair function then it is a lot of money for a feature that is free on the competitors like Moode and RuneAudio.
But if it is smart and able to easy switch between “Local” storage and BT without having to pair BT everytime, i would be happy to pay the fee.

Don’t they have a 15-day trial period so you can see if it suits you?

It takes all of 5 mins to setup a Bluetooth sink to stream to you Pi… Sure the ergonomics won’t be as well rounded as the same feature via myVolumio, but if you are inclined to, there is nothing stopping you.

So no hardware is disabled, but rather the software that makes it smooth and painless is a premium feature…

I suggest to make use of the trial period, the development team did a very nice job regarding the BT integration


And maybe some kind of aknowledgement that the initial post was a bit too harsh and misleading…

i just went to a long range BT external 25 euro at ali with a y-splitter … eazy does it…
press once and it connects instead of not mutch of bt inside…

I think this topic has served it’s purpose, and is going nowhere. To prevent endless going round in circles, I am closing it. Anyone feeling strongly enough about the subject, feel free to open a new topic with justification for doing so.

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