Not finding device after update

Hello, I just updated from v.2 to v.3 and completed the configuration but now can’t find the device through the app or using the name set up in the config through a browser.

I’m using a Rpi4 connected via Wifi.

The configuration seemed to go fine. Is re-flashing the card my only option? Appreciate any advice as I don’t have a card reader so can’t start over until I can get one.


Can you check via an app like FING if the PI is connected to your wifi?
Do you still see the hotspot?

I think that if the configuration went fine, there’s no reason why it should not work…

Thanks for your reply. I do not see the device on FING or the hotspot.

Any other options?

Sorry… No options other than reflash

I ran the OTA update this morning and it went OK.
But tonight when I got a chance to try it out, it had disappeared from the network.
Turns out it had activated the Volumio hotspot.
Connected my phone to that network and reconnected the Volumio to my wi-fi and got it visible again.
Music library slowly rebuilt. But I’ve had to work through adding all my MyWebRadio stations again.