Noob question about ramplay

I’m thinking about using volumio on the rasberry pi 2 model B as a DLNA renderer controlled by j.river. Assuming this is possible, would I be able to set volumio to use ramplay automatically? I see posts about loading files into the ramplay folder but I don’t understand enough to know whether that’s a setting that will enable ramplay automatically or whether it’s something that needs to be done everytime you want to use it.




Well, as far as I understand you just submit a playlist with your selected files via your controlpoint (jriver I guess, I myself use foobar2000/BubbleUPnP) to the desired renderer directly or via its queue, here it is volumio ( I currently use MoOde), and your files will play directly or are just queued. You can than initiate playing via the webGUI. YMMV

regards TaubeNuss


So it’s a setting and then I just use jriver to control volumio and anything I play goes through ram?