No wireless connection (since last update?)

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.777
Hardware: Raspberry Pi
DAC: HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro

Since a few days, I suppose since last update, the wireless connection does not work anymore. No remote control per wireless lan and not reaching per windows explorer).

Volumio shows my network, but it does not connect to it, even not, when I press the connect button. So at the moment I can use Volumio just per LAN-Cable or per USB-Keyboard and HDMI-connectect display.

Please try to help me with simple words, because I’m no specialist and English is not my main language.

Hi U_U, just trying to pull together your problem from your post.

You can access Volumio in a browser … yes? Through the wired connection? Do you need to access it by wifi only?

Hi, chsims1!

No, I don’t really need wifi only because I have a permanent wired connection.
And I also can use the Volumio menue with a bluetooth keybord or mouse and TV set as display per HDMI plug.
Nevertheless it annoys me when something does not work which should work. And it DID work over years until a few days ago.