No way to add cifs share on ver 2.001 (on Raspi 1)

Hello there,

I’m keeping getting CIFS mount error -6 when I try to add a network file share from a Windows server (smb/cifs).

The volumio web interface shows a red X icon on “Mounted” in My Music / Network drives.

Maybe I’ve using the wrong syntax. As example my windows share is \server\share\folder

As NAS IP Address I’ve tryed either server or ip address.
As Path I’ve tried all the possible combination of “share\folder” with slash or backslash, with or without starting slash, with or without ending slash, uppercase, lowercase and so on.

The share requires username and password. If I don’t set those in Advanced Option, Volumio is asking for the credential, if I set those it is not asking for credential.

Please note that the same share is working PERFECTLY on a test Pi with just Raspian + MPD, configured manually on mpd.conf

Any idea?


Franco Rippoli

Hi Franco,
how did you configured it on mpd?

Hello Michelangelo,

here it is, I’ve changed the actual names and credential with the ones from my previous example:

music_directory       "smb://user:password@server/share/folder"

Thank you veru much for your help and the great work! Finally I’ve got Radio Deejay working!