No sound from Raspberry Pi to HiFace2

Hi all,

After successfully setting up my Pi with Raspyfi I thought I’d give Volumio a shot.

It connected to my NAS via NFS and my music library is visible but I do not get any sound coming from my DAC. The DAC sync light is on so I know it is connected.

When I try to run ‘sudo alsamixer’ or ’ sudo amixer’ I get the following error: ‘cannot load mixer controls: Protocol Error’. Any ideas?


Update: Did a reimage of the SD card. All seems to be working now except the NAS keeps disappearing from the Library.

Mmmm… Could be that the SD has ended its lifespan… Or maybe you have network issues…
Could you just explain in detail what happens?

Hi Michelangelo,

Sorry for the late response. After the re-image and a full library update the NAS is staying in the library consistently, no issues.

Thanks for all your hard work on this project.