no sound from iq dac

just joined here as i have an rpi iq dac and also the sabre sac for it. recently hit a problem that i cannot find an answer to so thought as gordon iq has not been around my normal forum for some time i would try another.
Have to say ive been very impressed with mine until the sound suddenly switched off.
on checking boot up on a tv it comes up with a fail

fail…startpar returned failure

i get the sound out of the tv via the hbmi plug but nothing from the dac. i bought another dac thinkingvthat was the probkem but alas it aint. Sadly ive had to give up on it as i know no computer lynux etc.

if anyone knows the reason for the failure it would be appreciated but until then i will have to make do with the trusty but a tad flakey laptop system

regards grant

The reason could be simple… Hooking your PI to tv will result in audio being sent via HDMI…

Let me know if that solves, if not, we’ll try other solutions!

thanks for the reply.
Yes the sound works via hdmi, but not from analogue via the dac’s rca’s. I tried another dac but still the same. As it happened, not in start up but during its playing a song via the attached hdd is am now thinking it may be the interface between pi and dac

Well, the new rpi 2b+ came and I mated it with the new I sabre audiophonics dac. alas just the sam. same fail in set up although I dont know if this is anything to do with it. sound out to tv via hdmi socket but nothing from the rca outputs on the dac.

depressed now lol

This has now been resolved. thanks for the reply :slight_smile: